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The company was founded in 2002 as TESYKA by Ioannis Polyzakis.

The aim of the company is the development and modernization of the company in order to undertake large industrial projects and to claim a position among the best companies in the field of industrial construction in Macedonia.

polyzakis constructions
polyzakis constructions


The history of the company begins with the establishment of the main shareholder Polizakis Ioannis with the original name T.E.SY.KA. in 2002. The experience of its founder in the field of industry and industrial projects starts earlier as I. Polyzakis has a rich CV with 15 years of experience as a maintenance engineer of industrial facilities in the only oil extraction company in Greece, NAPC (North Aegean Petroleum Company). His main specialty was assembler and welder of metal structures from 1983 until the establishment of the company.

During all these years the company has played a decisive role in the industries of Greece as it has been involved in several large projects and has been a decisive and incalculable factor in their implementation. Due to its intense activity, the company in a short period of time established itself in the field, resulting in the ability to undertake serious projects, with quality standards greater than its size.

In 2015, after completing his studies as a mechanical engineer at undergraduate level and then as a welding engineer at postgraduate level, Mr. Ignatios Polyzakis joined the company's human resources, Mr. Ignatios Polyzakis who undertakes the company's ideas always under the guidance of Mr. John Polyzakis.

With the addition of qualified personnel, the company has managed to modernize to a great extent the welding processes with the application of new methods as well as to introduce the modelling of two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings, thus channelling to its projects analytical study and design, achieving excellent results.

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Development & Modernisation

It is in the character of our family to constantly evolve and apply new methods in order to continuously optimize our services.

A prerequisite is the investment in the know-how of both the administrative staff and the employees as well as the continuous renewal of the equipment with new and more sophisticated equipment. This is our mission this is the vision of our company.

The future goal of our company is to be involved in even bigger and more complex projects as well as the vertical integration of production in order to produce, maintain and repair various industrial equipment such as pressure vessels as well as heat exchangers.


Scope of work

All our services and work are based on our many years of experience in the field.

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